Emergency response downgraded…

Do you know who is handling your emergency call?

Did you know that if an emergency call is classified as ‘low priority’ then the first responder may be a Community Risk Intervention Team (CRIT) made up of former soldiers and firemen with three weeks’ training and telephone access to a paramedic?  This is worrying enough but ‘low priority’ includes, according to the report we saw, first-on-scene attendance in the case of heart attacks and also falls where no ‘serious injury’ has been sustained.

Clinical assessment

One obvious problem is that the patient will not actually have received a clinical assessment so, for example, an evolving intracranial haemorrhage following an apparently minor fall might not be identified; or a pulmonary embolism mistaken for a heart attack.  This scheme is being piloted in Greater Manchester with a view to being extended next year.

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Sorting medical records at Clinco