Deferred payment terms of two years now available

We accept instructions either at our usual hourly rate if payment is made within 30 days, or alternatively deferred payment terms of two years are now available at a higher hourly rate.  Our charges can either be treated as a disbursement, or included in your bill as profit costs.  We have experience up to fee earner Grade A, but most cases will be claimed at Grade C or D which still represents a considerable uplift.  If you would like to know more about our deferred payment terms, please email 

We are a lawyer-led team of expert collators covering all areas of medical and nursing care, including obstetrics, orthopaedics, A & E, general surgery, neurosurgery, gynaecology, cardiology, ophthalmology, ENT, general and paediatric nursing and dental practice.  We work on the primary care records also – general practice, practice and district nursing, out of hours and walk-in centre records – as well as other categories of records often related to a claim; such as education and social services records, occupational health, MoD records, prison records and nursing/residential home records.

Clinco: deferred payment terms now available

We undertake all records-related tasks from ordering, paginating and indexing, to preparing a chronology of events relevant to breach and causation.  We always report on missing records (early on before returning the case if these are crucial)  and provide a commentary on discrepancies and issues arising from the records.  Radiology will be scheduled and cross-checked, and all records scanned and sent to you in electronic format along with electronic copies of the index, chronology and our report.  Hard copies will be returned via a closed DX exchange within our building, which we maintain for our own exclusive and secure use. We also have courier services on-site where needed.

We turn records around within 14-21 days, but urgent cases will be dealt with more quickly on request.

You can find out more about our fees HERE.