Photocopying of medical records

We find hard copies of the records indispensable when it comes to sorting. We understand that many lawyers and experts, as well as the courts, still require paper. We are therefore completely geared up for our client’s legal photocopying requirements.  We specialise in copying which is delivered on time with the focus on quality. When collating, we convert double-sided to single sided A4 as a matter of routine, as well as handling large format documents.

Careful and orderly storage of legal documents at Clinco

Copying of CTG traces and other non-standard pages

We can provide continuous copy CTG traces in obstetric cases where there is a perinatal injury to the baby.  These are unlikely to be disclosed  in this form by the medical records provider.  Sometimes they simply omit the traces altogether as a difficult copying job, or, if they are copied, the most usual form is in A4 sized pieces  – which are at best unhelpful, and at worst dangerously unreliable.  We will identify where the continuous copy is needed and get this made for our clients so the medical records are in the right format for their experts.  We can also scan even the longest trace into the electronic set of records, for those working with (or towards) paperless bundles.

To find out more please email Sarah Wallace