Scanning of medical records

Experts increasingly require medical records in electronic form. If you are a CN head of department, you will probably have considered going paperless or paper-light with your medical records.   Clinco can provide the support you need.

Seven reasons to go paperless:

  • ease of fee earner access to records, on screen any time
  • instant transfer of records to expert and counsel via email link or disc
  • no records clutter or shelves full of multiple hard copy sets
  • tamper-proof and no missing/dog-eared pages
  • identical clean sets always available for disclosure or printing
  • costs less than you think and saves money on time, storage and DX
  • secure, easy to back up, archive and retrieve

At Clinco, we have many years of experience in working with electronic records. Our background in practice means that we understand the issues and concerns involved.  If required, we can come to your offices to show you what is possible and to advise on the IT aspects and practicalities, and put together a plan to suit your needs.

medical notes ordered Clinco

Like many lawyers, we like our hard copies….but we have come to appreciate the benefits of electronic records. No one who has made the change has looked back.  Even a paper-light system with one hard copy masterset of medical records, plus an electronic set alongside for replication and transfer, saves time and space.

We work on these logistical projects alongside our main work of collating and analysing the medical evidence. Let us know what we can do to assist by emailing