Birth injury

Clinco sort and index medical records. We have extensive experience in collating medical records relating to birth injury. We provide detailed chronologies in a variety of clinical negligence cases involving midwifery, obstetric and neonatal care, leading to stillbirths or serious brain injuries.

At Clinco we are familiar with sorting pregnancy, labour, delivery and neonatal records. We can provide the copying of continuous CTG traces. The chronologies are detailed, covering where necessary the exact timings of the labour and delivery in question.

Records relating to brain injury

If the child has suffered a brain injury, we are experienced in dealing with voluminous medical records. We  provide chronologies dealing with their diagnoses and condition and prognosis, including aspects such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, motor skills, etc and life expectancy.

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We can provide continuous copy CTG traces in obstetric cases where there is a perinatal injury to the baby.  These are unlikely to be disclosed  in this form by the medical records provider.  Sometimes they simply omit the traces altogether as a difficult copying job, or, if they are copied, the most usual form is in A4 sized pieces  – which are at best unhelpful, and at worst dangerously unreliable.  We will identify where the continuous copy is needed and get this made for our clients so the medical records are in the right format for their experts.  We can also scan even the longest trace into the electronic set of records, for those working with (or towards) paperless bundles.

Indexed medical records

We understand the importance of providing a well organised and consistent set of indexed medical records. We provide accurate and detailed chronologies, setting out the facts which are predominantly relevant to the issues of breach of duty and causation and, where applicable, in relation to condition and prognosis. We also return the case with a commentary on the potential breach and causation issues to assist with an overview of the medical records.

During this process we will identify any missing documents and/or radiology, and schedule any radiology CDs that have been provided.

We are regularly  instructed to process additional medical records, often missing records which have been identified by us and obtained, or updating medical records. In such cases we carefully check for duplicates and insert or add the additional medical records to the existing bundle.

We are able to provide the above in paper format, in an electronic version on CD or in an electronic version via a secure website link.

On request, we are also able to provide detailed draft expert instructions.