Update required but existing medical records not in a satisfactory state?  Clinco can help.

The groundwork is so important in medical records pagination.  Any update is much more straightforward if the records have been sorted properly at the outset.  For example, they should be divided into clinical specialties, admissions, surgical and theatre records by operation, in correct date order within each category.

Where this has not happened the bundle can easily get out of control – leading to problems for the fee earner, experts and counsel.

How can Clinco help?

Clinco can put matters back on track if we are asked to update records. Here are some of the most common the solutions:

Overhaul and update

We overhaul the existing bundle and index, tidying it up and making sure the index reflects the correct contents. We then add the section we have been asked to update, to provide a better basis going forward.

Core bundle

We identify key records and then prepare a core bundle with dual pagination.

Full rectification

We completely re-sort and re-paginate the entire bundle.  This is an extreme step, but sometimes the only way to get the paginated records where they should be.

midical notes in good order

Where the existing page numbers have already been used by experts, we can identify the new page numbers for the report or chronology.

Whatever the state of the records, we will have a solution, so get in touch if you are not happy with how your records are looking.  As always with pagination, the aim is to bring clarity and save time, so that this can be spent more effectively on progressing the case.


Electronic medical records – easier to alter after the event?

We hardly ever see cases where medical records have been changed after the event.  We believe this is vanishingly rare and the vast majority of cases are dealt with in good faith by healthcare providers facing an allegation of clinical negligence.  However, we know of two cases where the court has found that records were falsified, so this does occur.

I came across the article below this week.  An American claimant believes her electronic records were changed, years after the event but shortly after her claim was issued.  Just three characters in an electronic mammogram result code, changed from NEG to ABN, were the difference between a breast lesion being followed up or not.  It’s a fascinating read, showing how easy it is to edit a digital record and how a digital forensic expert can track and time any changes.  Here’s a link to the full article:

Gillian Castle – squaring up to birth trauma and stoma use

Gillian Castle sustained a life-changing injury whilst giving birth in 2011 – a 4th degree tear, resulting in a permanent stoma.  She was unable to get on with life with a new baby in the way she’d hoped, or continue her career as a police officer.  She says herself that she was initially in a very dark place, physically and mentally.

Gillian’s now on a mission to raise awareness of birth trauma and to overcome the stigma and perceived limits associated with stoma use.  Her blog is positive and truly uplifting – take a look here:  https://www.stomachameleon.com/

Her current challenge is, as she puts it, ‘getting my bag out and my bikini on’ to raise funds for the Birth TraumaAssociation – taking an icy winter dip outdoors three times a week from October last year to May 2021.  Brilliant – this woman is such an inspiration to us all.  You can make a donation to the cause here, if you are as in awe of her as we are:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stomachameleon

We’ll be following Gillian’s progress, and wish her luck with her campaign.

Working remotely? Let us know how we can assist – we’re here to help.

At Clinco we’ve started 2021 assisting many of our clients to consolidate flexible and digital working.

Working remotely?

Clinco is a remote service, we are used to digital working.  We’re well placed to advise and assist our clients with their needs.  We are still seeing plenty of hard copy records, but we’re seeing a steady increase in those asking for ‘digital only’ return of the paginated medical records as fee earners get more used to these. It seems likely that this change is here to stay for those who’ve made the transition.

Let us know how we can assist – we’re here to help

We understand that with many staff working from home, our clients might need extra help with support tasks.  We keep a secure backup scan of all medical records collated by Clinco – as well as the associated documents like imaging schedules – and we can easily provide digital sets of records, or check passwords.  Urgent and difficult collation work still needs to be done, even in a pandemic, and we are working within our usual prompt turnaround time even with the extra requests coming in.  We’re very responsive to anyone needing assistance so if you need something, just ask.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021  

We’d like to wish everyone the best possible Christmas!

We’d also like to thank our staff and suppliers for their resilience, excellent attitude and dedication, producing consistently great results under difficult circumstances.  We have had our systems, motivation and sense of humour tested on occasions…but have come through successfully and prepared for 2021.

We look forward coming back refreshed in the New Year.  We’ll be back ready to go again on 4 January and, in the meantime,  all at Clinco send our best wishes for a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday.

Merry Christmas

Versatility and resilience during the pandemic

Since March, we’ve been impressed by the versatility and resilience of our clients, who haven’t missed a beat as the pandemic hit.   Some of them had already converted to paperless working, others adopted it swiftly and efficiently with the need to work from home.  We’ve been able to assist them with all their requirements for collation and pagination.  We have had a number of extra requests thrown up by the restrictions. These include:

  • copying of imaging with transfers to fee earners working from home
  • preparation of e-bundles
  • portal access
  • urgent hand deliveries

There has been an inspiring spirit of collaboration and innovation to achieve results.  It has been a great time to build relationships and we’re pleased that our clients have been able to rely on us at a time when everyone has been under pressure.

At the time of writing we are under Lockdown 2 conditions, with all systems running smoothly thanks to our committed team.  Clinco staff are busy completing cases so that matters can progress promptly whatever the external circumstances.  We hope that everyone reading this is keeping safe and well, as we head into what we hope will be the beginning of the end of the pandemic, with positive vaccine news appearing daily.

versatility and resilience

Flexible and digital – paperless working comes into its own

A move to more flexible and digital working

At Clinco we’ve been busy through the summer and early autumn assisting many of our clients transition to more flexible and digital working.  Here are some of the new areas where we’ve been able to help:


  • liaised with fee earners working from home enabling them to access documents in our secure databank
  • carried out digital transfer of collated medical records to experts and the other side
  • created portal links for e-filing of bundles
  • created portal links for imaging (so that radiology discs no longer need to be sent via post or courier)
  • advising on scanning quality to optimise legibility of records

Working remotely?

As a remote service, we are used to digital working.  We’re well placed to advise and assist our clients with any needs they have.  We are still seeing plenty of hard copy records.  However, the pandemic has encouraged greater numbers to ask for ‘digital only’ return of the paginated medical records. It seems likely that this change is here to stay.

Let us know how we can help!

Heading into the winter months, we wish all our clients, collaborators and friends a safe and productive time.  Let us know how we can help with the ongoing pressures of working effectively in the next phase of the pandemic.


Clinco recommended for ISO 27001 re-certification

ISO 27001 re-certification

We are delighted to say that following a  rigorous two day external audit, Clinco has  been recommended for re-certification to ISO 27001, the leading international standard on data security.

Having completed our first full three-year cycle under the audit regime, we would like to reflect for a moment on the satisfaction of a job well done.

A secure service

Clinco first made the  commitment to ISO 27001 in 2016.  We wanted to be able to offer those sending us medical records concrete evidence that they were choosing a secure service, as well as a good quality, prompt and helpful one.

A considerable investment in systems and processes

We were certified as meeting the standard in 2017,  following  a considerable investment in systems and processes, all designed to reduce the risk of loss or compromise of the medical records sent to us for pagination.  Those systems have been independently audited every year, to ensure that they continue to improve and to meet the high level of information security required.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all our staff and management team for their investment and encouragement!  We would also like to thank the external auditor who tested our information security measures so thoroughly and knowledgably.

Clinco recommended for ISO 27001 re-certification


Resilience in unprecedented times

We have been impressed by the resilience of the firms who have continued to send us new pagination instructions over the last month.  It’s good to see that departments are working well and finding new ways to communicate, share work and move matters forward.  We continue to receive a high volume of medical records in hard copy via DX and courier, so it is clear many companies are managing to operate at a safe personal distance.

At Clinco we aim to support, assist, problem solve and provide an efficient resource through collaboration with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Our team is fully employed and office based. We believe that this provides the best support to clients and staff alike.   However, we have always allowed staff to spend some of their time working remotely, for those who wish to have the flexibility this brings.  Our remote working systems have been tested and independently audited for data protection purposes.  We have therefore been able to move seamlessly to the current situation where a greater percentage of our work is done remotely, whilst remaining secure and compliant with ISO 27001. We did not want to test our business continuity plan in real life, but have found it to be fully effective.

We send our good wishes as we look forward to better times ahead.

Resilience in unprecedented times

Modern Law Awards

At Clinco, we aim to make a difference by working to a higher standard.  So any firm instructing us should find their expectations exceeded. We are here to lighten the load, solve problems and do the groundwork so that the case proceeds smoothly.
We don’t usually compare our organisation to others – we leave that to our clients to do.  The only true measure of success is if they choose to use us again and again.
Tonight at the Modern Law Awards we are going to find out if we have succeeded, according to the eminent panel of judges.  We’ve been told that the standard of nominations is high, so we were pleased to be shortlisted alongside a variety of different businesses in our category.  Whilst we’d love to be an award-winning company, we’re going to enjoy every minute of the evening regardless of the outcome…and will be back if we’re not chosen from the shortlist this time.
Our real work is to focus on the needs of our clients, and making sure they have every reason to make Clinco their first choice.

Good luck to everyone attending tonight!


At Clinco, we aim to make a difference by working to a higher standard