Continuous CTG copying

In any obstetric case where the labour is an area of focus – which will be most cases – the expert needs to scrutinise the CTG traces.  We do see cases where the CTG traces are simply not disclosed – in which case a good pagination service will identify the traces by date and time of commencement so they can be obtained from the Trust.  Where the traces are disclosed, they are often copied onto A4 sheets, each of which only shows a part of the trace.  This is not an acceptable way to present the evidence to the expert, who needs to be sure that the entire document is there and to assess it in continuous form rather than piecemeal.  We are able to copy CTG traces continuously to replicate the original document.  Not only can we produce the hard copy but we can also provide an electronic version to include in paperless bundles of records.  We’ve received increasing numbers of requests for this service, which we provide either alongside collation of the full medical records, or standalone.  Turnaround is 5 working days.  All documents, whether hard copy or electronic are transferred securely to satisfy the stringent data protection standards of ISO27001.