Legal disclaimer


This document describes the limits to Clinco’s responsibility in fulfilling its duties to its clients.


Clinco is not obliged to accept instructions in any case nor to give reasons for declining, although will be as helpful as possible should these circumstances arise.

Where instructions are accepted, Clinco will make every effort to deliver services with at least reasonable skill and care. If we are asked to undertake work we believe to be outside our remit, we will address this clearly.  Unless a specific deadline applies, the work will be returned as soon as resources allow.

Unless by prior agreement (and there will be many occasions where client preferences have been agreed) there will be no set format for preparation of documents, for example medical chronologies or case reports.  Clinco will use its discretion in terms of layout and content to best meet the requirements of the case and these will only be raised with the client before completion in the event of identification (in our view) of significant issues needing clarification.

Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis and some cases will require more detail in the analysis than others.  Whilst there will always be a consistency of approach, there will be some variety in the final documentation from case to case, depending on the content.

Clinco is not responsible for litigating the case nor for any decisions or omissions on the part of the instructing client firm in running the case.  Any suggestions or comments made by Clinco do not constitute legal advice and are always subject to the client firm’s own views.  Clinco does not provide medical advice or expert medical evidence on the viability of the case, the issues within it or the likely outcome and again any comments made by Clinco are always subject to the opinion of the client firm and their medical experts.