Indexing of non-medical records

Clinco offer a trustworthy and reliable medical records pagination service. However, not all the records we organise are medical. We occasionally deals with the indexing of non-medical records. 

Educational records

There is often an educational aspect to the claim of a minor.  An injury may have led to problems at school, statements of special education needs, or failure to attain expected examination results – leading to worsened job prospects, or a missed university place.  The injured child may need to attend a special school with associated medical or therapy facilities.  If there is an educational aspect then these records are essential evidence which need to be ordered and taken into account when dealing with the claim.

Social Service records

The local authority may well have significant involvement in the life of an injured person, whether by providing sheltered accommodation, a supported living placement, home care services or a range of other forms of intervention or assistance. Their records are often overlooked; but should be obtained in appropriate cases as the assessments are often useful sources of evidence of levels of need, and demonstrate the extent of disability or dependence at a particular time.  Childcare records are occasionally relevant to personal injury claims too.

Prison records

Prison records give context to injuries sustained by serving prisoners and, in these cases, should be obtained and organised so that the case can be properly assessed.

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