Mental health records

Clinco collate mental health records. Psychiatric claims will always involve a detailed consideration of the mental health records; often voluminous, they can be inpatient or outpatient based (or switch between the two); they have a particular structure and format; and will usually include an element of statutory framework.  We have the expertise to interpret and order these records so that the facts and course of treatment can be clarified, and the merits of the claim assessed.

Collator sorting birth injury medical notes

The care standards under investigation could have been in a mental health setting in which case extensive community and/or hospital mental health records may need to be obtained.  Alternatively, the alleged breach may involve any other type of potential negligence affecting the patient’s emotional or psychological state.  Either way, our medical chronologies provide as much or as little detail as is needed about the mental health of the patient, including pre-existing, new or exacerbated conditions.