Neurological injury

Clinco order medical records in cases relation to cases which involve serious spinal and neurological injuries. We cover all aspects of the patient’s case, starting from details surrounding the alleged negligence or accident through to the facts dealing with pain, suffering and loss of amenity and the subsequent diagnoses and condition and prognosis, including aspects such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, motor skills, etc and life expectancy.

With these cases, there is a high likelihood that the records will need to be updated over time.  We will bear this in mind from the beginning, and are fully prepared for a methodical and careful update of existing and any new providers in due course.

medical records relating to neurological injury

Brain Injury

Serious neurological injuries give rise to particular specialised forms of documentation to reflect the physical and mental aspects of the injury.  We regularly deal with voluminous records, including acute hospital as well as rehabilitation records, often over a period of many years.  More subtle brain injury can be just as complex, and devastating in its impact on work and relationships.

Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries usually involve the same combination of acute care and long term rehabilitation, again generating records in a large volume and across a number of clinical and therapy-based specialties.