Internal staff training at Clinco

At Clinco we have devised our own internal training programme to address the aspects of legal work in which we specialise.  Collation of medical records is still an unregulated area of work, and standards vary widely. We aim to be the best available to the profession where the ordering and analysis of medical evidence is concerned.  We follow through with staff reading and research sessions, and with regular reviews.

How Clinco can help your company with its training requirements in the collation of medical records

At Clinco we have always been committed to the proper training of our own staff. We have now gone a step further and take our expertise out to our instructing solicitors to assist with their own training requirements.  Clinco has been awarded SRA accreditation as an external CPD provider in the interpretation of medical evidence; our course was described by the independent assessor as an excellent introduction to reading and understanding medical records and will be very relevant and helpful for anyone whose practice relates to PI and clinical negligence work.  Although, as part of the recent CPD changes, solicitors are no longer required to use an accredited training provider, we see the SRA endorsement as a quality mark which informs free choice.

We present this seminar to firms who feel their staff may benefit – all part of our wider aims to innovate, offer more and go further in the field of medical evidence organisation and interpretation.

Training at Clinco

Who is this course aimed at?

The course is especially suitable for trainee and newly qualified solicitors, paralegals, legal executives and medico-legal advisors, and addresses the following topics:

  • Navigating your way through important sources of evidence
  • Medical records
  • Access to Health Records Act 1990
  • Other sources of information available
  • Chronology and sorting records
  • Checking for completeness
  • Understanding different types of records
  • A guide to medical abbreviations and terminology

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