Pagination of medical records

Pagination of medical records – ie literally the numbering of pages – is not the medical collator’s favourite task. Traditionally the job of page numbering is done with a handheld paginator, or Bates numbering machine.  The traditional hand-held pagination machines at Clinco saw many years of service. We estimate that we hand-paginated the best part of two million pages of medical records before we updated our systems.

Handheld paginator, or Bates numbering machine for the pagination of medical records by Clinco

Pagination machine

Research led us to invest in several numbering machines which do the job more quickly and evenly.  The result is that our bundles of medical records look even neater than before.  We do prefixed letters too if these are required. The machines also run much more quietly than the manual hand-held numbering machines. This gives our caseworkers the peace and quiet they need to concentrate on the sorting of medical records.  

Clinco's pagination machine, also known as a numbering machine

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Clinco’s lawyer-led ethos

Specialist solicitor, Shantala Heath, has just joined Clinco from practice to add to Clinco’s lawyer-led ethos in our job of collating, sorting and indexing of medical records. Shantala will provide additional legally-trained analysis of our client’s medical records.  Our talented team also has chemistry and biological expertise (to first-class degree and PhD standard respectively) and we continue to have access to input as needed from a wide range of experienced medical and nursing experts.

Shantala will further the Clinco lawyer-led ethos

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