The collation of medical records – increasingly big business?

As more commercial organisations become involved, the profession needs to be careful that the collation service which offers the best payment terms, can also deliver on quality – after all, an essential part of case preparation is at stake, and most good solicitors would say that this should only be in expert hands.

At Clinco we realise that quality is not enough on its own and that the economics require innovation.  We offer deferred payment terms alongside our usual terms, so our clients can continue to have the best of both worlds – expertise with integrity, and deferment of the cost. 

We are an expert lawyer-led collation service that will never compromise on quality.  We have been working on medical records for over 20 years, in practice and beyond, serving the interests of the patient and our professional clients. 

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A few questions to ask your medical records collation service…

Clinco offers a full inhouse medical records collation service. Here are a few questions to ask your collator if they send your medical records out for collators working from home:

  •  Are your collators employed, trained and supervised?
  • Are the records dealt with inhouse or sent on elsewhere for collation?
  • Is your DX secure for larger items?
  • Can you print and scan records inhouse?
  • Can you help us to go paperless or paperlight?
  • Have you had any quality issues with your work over the last year?
  • Do you offer a free advice and backup service?

At Clinco we would be able to answer all these and more.  Get in touch if you’d like to try our medical records collation service.