What about fixed costs in clinical negligence work?

All consumers love a fixed fee.   What about fixed costs in clinical negligence work? If you are providing a service, shouldn’t you consider doing it for a fixed amount? At Clinco, we are ready to give this a try.

Here’s an invitation

If you are a clinical negligence specialist with a need for excellent quality work, and are prepared to guarantee a certain volume, however small….then buy up some Clinco capacity.  It is in demand and if you are an existing client firm, you will know why.  If not, try us out and you will see.  We are prepared to offer capacity at fixed rates to any specialist firm wanting to benefit from the certainty on amount and turnaround.  Get in touch if you would like to know more!

Fixed fees in medical pagination; an open padlock personifies this concept

Duplicate medical records in safe hands with Clinco…

Here is one hidden side of our work. Look how many duplicate medical records we extract each month in our collation work! Each page is checked, and the better copy taken for the bundle.   Yes, we are that thorough!  The computerisation of some medical records leads to multiple copies. There are many other reasons for duplication, which we see to a greater or lesser degree in every single case.  It’s very unhelpful if duplicate or triplicate medical records are allowed to remain in the bundle, adding volume and distraction from the issues.  Secure and safe destruction of duplicate medical records at Clinco

What happens to all the duplicate medical records?

It’s part of the responsibility we take, when receiving records, not only to collate them well – but to ensure anything we remove is disposed of confidentially in accordance with ISO ISO standard 9001.  You can be sure, if you send us a case for collation or scanning, that you can track the medical records at all times. Even those which are subsequently shredded are followed up and certified as destroyed.  To find out more about our responsibilities in respect of data protection, please click HERE.