How much should the collation of medical records cost?

Clinco is  a well-established lawyer-led collation service to solicitors specialising in Clinical Negligence. We have a wide client base across the UK.

Medical collation costs can be quite substantial. After all, in some cases we are talking about analysing complex evidence of several thousand pages.  A good collation service like ours is really engaged in case preparation – but at a lower hourly rate than solicitors can manage.

How does this fit in with your company’s  case preparation?

We have seen interesting times, in terms of litigation costs and pressure on solicitors and insurers.  The issue of fixed costs remains in the news. My own motivation is to reach out to those potentially paying for our service, to ensure our charges represent good value for money, and with a possible future partnership in mind to save costs and maintain standards.

Collation of medical records cost

Clinco is not looking to be the cheapest collation service, as cheap case preparation is not safe practice. However,  we do aim to be the best, and the best value too.  We would like to co-ordinate with others with the same attitude and motivation to serve the requirements of our mutual clients and the patients they represent. To find out more about the services we offer click HERE.