Medical records collation – good communication is key

Communication is key in medical records collation.  Probably the worst example of communication we ever came across in relation to collation of medical records was a collator who simply refused to respond to the solicitor when asked for an update on the records, and would not even return the records uncollated.  This went on for a period of over six months and left the solicitor in serious difficulties.  Leaving aside the question as to whether he had his client’s authority to send the records out (which is an interesting subject for another blog), there were time issues and re-disclosure was going to be difficult for a number of reasons.

How we can help with your medical records collation

Clinco came across this nightmare scenario when the solicitor sought our help and advice.  We really did go the extra mile, went to collect the records in person and then provided the solicitor with an expedited, ordered and indexed set of the complete records at no extra charge – just for the satisfaction of resolving things fast and helping to progress the case.
 Communication is key in medical record collation
Any firm using Clinco’s services will have their medical records acknowledged on the day of receipt and they are then tracked through the collation process so we can give an instant update or return date.  We handle with ease and without fuss any ad hoc requests for information or documents to be extracted from the records, if anything crops up in the short time they are with us. If anything significant is missing from the records, we will not only identify exactly what is needed but comment on its likely relevance.  When the case is finished, the solicitor will be emailed to let them know it’s being securely despatched.    We’re always working on communication. Thank you to those firms using our services who have recently highlighted it as one of our key strengths.