Headway – Clinco’s charity of the year 2017

Headway – raising the awareness of the impact of brain injury

Headway is a well-established and effective charity which supports those living with the effects of a head injury and their families.  Head injury is a common problem affecting large numbers of people. Its effects range from catastrophic to subtle (but still life-changing).  Accidents and assaults happen every day which can leave lives devastated in a society where employers, members of the public and even friends and family can struggle to accept changes in personality or capacity.

The Headway logo: Headway is our charity of the year at Clinco.

Helping victims and their families

Headway has been there for many years to pick up the pieces and make things easier for victims and their families.  Clinco’s is proud to chose it as our  charity of the year for 2017. We will be co-ordinating events within the office starting with sponsored pancakes on 28 February 2017…and have other events already in the pipeline which we will be posting as the year goes on.  Our aim is to raise both funds and awareness for this very worthwhile cause.

GP appointments – it’s not all bad…

How difficult is it to get a GP appointment?

It can be difficult to get a GP appointment. There has been lots of front page news recently about the time it can take.  What are the implications in terms of breach of duty where a patient who needs to be seen urgently suffers loss as a result of a GP appointment being deferred for a week or longer? The difficulties of a case based purely on lack of resources are not going to be readily acceptable by the client.


 How difficult is it to get a GP appointment?

Examples of prompt service at my local surgery

Whilst there is widespread evidence of delay within the GP appointments system, with all the associated problems this will bring, it’s worth noting that some practices are bucking the trend.  A friend of mine who found a breast lump in the shower recently contacted her GP surgery immediately and was in front of her GP within 25 minutes of the phone call (hair still wet).  And over the Christmas holidays, at a completely different practice,  I requested a non-urgent GP appointment for my youngest son, and was offered two alternative options for the same day.  Thank you to these practices for their excellent service and let’s reflect that they deserve our support at a time of demoralisation within the NHS.