Clinco is supporting Headway on Pancake Day

Headway Pancake Day

At Clinco we are supporting our charity of the year, Headway, by hosting a Headway pancake day.  We’ll be serving up and enjoying pancakes to raise funds for the excellent work done by Headway for those with an acquired brain injury.  We’re delighted to have been invited to become corporate members of Headway for 2017 and we’ll be posting more about the events we have planned for the rest of the year.  In the meantime…Happy Pancake Day!

Headway Pancake Day; Pancakes with lemons and blueberries

The Clinco Challenge!

The quick turnaround of medical records is something we keep a close eye on at Clinco.  We have noticed in recent weeks we have had a high number of especially onerous cases of medical records to collate – either highly complex, very urgent, partly in a foreign language or unusual in some other way.  It’s very pleasing to see that Clinco is trusted to manage these cases.  Our quickest turnaround is same day and we approach every case calmly and competently to resolve whatever issues there may be.  If you have a ‘difficult’ case where the medical records need collation, pagination, or rectification, then set us to work on it.

Clock image to represent quick turnaround of medical records and deadlines


Give us a call first if you would like to talk it through. The chances are we will have seen something more difficult and dealt with it successfully in the past.  To find out more about our pagination service please click here.