Gillian Castle – squaring up to birth trauma and stoma use

Gillian Castle sustained a life-changing injury whilst giving birth in 2011 – a 4th degree tear, resulting in a permanent stoma.  She was unable to get on with life with a new baby in the way she’d hoped, or continue her career as a police officer.  She says herself that she was initially in a very dark place, physically and mentally.

Gillian’s now on a mission to raise awareness of birth trauma and to overcome the stigma and perceived limits associated with stoma use.  Her blog is positive and truly uplifting – take a look here:

Her current challenge is, as she puts it, ‘getting my bag out and my bikini on’ to raise funds for the Birth TraumaAssociation – taking an icy winter dip outdoors three times a week from October last year to May 2021.  Brilliant – this woman is such an inspiration to us all.  You can make a donation to the cause here, if you are as in awe of her as we are:

We’ll be following Gillian’s progress, and wish her luck with her campaign.