Clinco recommended for ISO 27001 re-certification

ISO 27001 re-certification

We are delighted to say that following a  rigorous two day external audit, Clinco has  been recommended for re-certification to ISO 27001, the leading international standard on data security.

Having completed our first full three-year cycle under the audit regime, we would like to reflect for a moment on the satisfaction of a job well done.

A secure service

Clinco first made the  commitment to ISO 27001 in 2016.  We wanted to be able to offer those sending us medical records concrete evidence that they were choosing a secure service, as well as a good quality, prompt and helpful one.

A considerable investment in systems and processes

We were certified as meeting the standard in 2017,  following  a considerable investment in systems and processes, all designed to reduce the risk of loss or compromise of the medical records sent to us for pagination.  Those systems have been independently audited every year, to ensure that they continue to improve and to meet the high level of information security required.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all our staff and management team for their investment and encouragement!  We would also like to thank the external auditor who tested our information security measures so thoroughly and knowledgably.

Clinco recommended for ISO 27001 re-certification