Flexible and digital – paperless working comes into its own

A move to more flexible and digital working

At Clinco we’ve been busy through the summer and early autumn assisting many of our clients transition to more flexible and digital working.  Here are some of the new areas where we’ve been able to help:


  • liaised with fee earners working from home enabling them to access documents in our secure databank
  • carried out digital transfer of collated medical records to experts and the other side
  • created portal links for e-filing of bundles
  • created portal links for imaging (so that radiology discs no longer need to be sent via post or courier)
  • advising on scanning quality to optimise legibility of records

Working remotely?

As a remote service, we are used to digital working.  We’re well placed to advise and assist our clients with any needs they have.  We are still seeing plenty of hard copy records.  However, the pandemic has encouraged greater numbers to ask for ‘digital only’ return of the paginated medical records. It seems likely that this change is here to stay.

Let us know how we can help!

Heading into the winter months, we wish all our clients, collaborators and friends a safe and productive time.  Let us know how we can help with the ongoing pressures of working effectively in the next phase of the pandemic.