Versatility and resilience during the pandemic

Since March, we’ve been impressed by the versatility and resilience of our clients, who haven’t missed a beat as the pandemic hit.   Some of them had already converted to paperless working, others adopted it swiftly and efficiently with the need to work from home.  We’ve been able to assist them with all their requirements for collation and pagination.  We have had a number of extra requests thrown up by the restrictions. These include:

  • copying of imaging with transfers to fee earners working from home
  • preparation of e-bundles
  • portal access
  • urgent hand deliveries

There has been an inspiring spirit of collaboration and innovation to achieve results.  It has been a great time to build relationships and we’re pleased that our clients have been able to rely on us at a time when everyone has been under pressure.

At the time of writing we are under Lockdown 2 conditions, with all systems running smoothly thanks to our committed team.  Clinco staff are busy completing cases so that matters can progress promptly whatever the external circumstances.  We hope that everyone reading this is keeping safe and well, as we head into what we hope will be the beginning of the end of the pandemic, with positive vaccine news appearing daily.

versatility and resilience