Working remotely? Let us know how we can assist – we’re here to help.

At Clinco we’ve started 2021 assisting many of our clients to consolidate flexible and digital working.

Working remotely?

Clinco is a remote service, we are used to digital working.  We’re well placed to advise and assist our clients with their needs.  We are still seeing plenty of hard copy records, but we’re seeing a steady increase in those asking for ‘digital only’ return of the paginated medical records as fee earners get more used to these. It seems likely that this change is here to stay for those who’ve made the transition.

Let us know how we can assist – we’re here to help

We understand that with many staff working from home, our clients might need extra help with support tasks.  We keep a secure backup scan of all medical records collated by Clinco – as well as the associated documents like imaging schedules – and we can easily provide digital sets of records, or check passwords.  Urgent and difficult collation work still needs to be done, even in a pandemic, and we are working within our usual prompt turnaround time even with the extra requests coming in.  We’re very responsive to anyone needing assistance so if you need something, just ask.